Post-Manicure Manicure Preservation Skills.

24 Jun

Today I got an expensive mani-pedi. And I have this thing for ruining my polish shortly after its done. So far though this is the most comparatively well-preserved manicure I’ve had by far.

Watched a girl open up her purse, get an envelope out, get something from inside it, show the girl next to her and put it all back into her purse,zip it up, all with her 1/2 inch wet nails unharmed.

I need to learn to do that.


Teaching Nostalgia and the Inking of a Drummer

24 Jun

So we started the day taking photos of kids. One of our first sources of income was PVC IDs. Though we don’t promote anymore, we still do it for some clients.


Being around a school environment makes me sorely miss being a teacher. Though I was assigned to Grade 4 Art and Photography, Grades 8,9 and 10 English, I was always partial to Third grade English. Nine-ish is such a cool age. They are still cute and yet they feel adult.

I could maintain an entire blog on teaching alone, what it was like. Exhausting-Spectacular.

Everyday, before I’d start the class, Id have them tidy up the classroom, with Coltrane’s Take 5 playing on my portable speakers. One day, like a scene from one of those teacher movies, –magic. They started singing the melody (Not quite scatting but not just humming either). Wow.

I remember the day I received my students’ evaluation and my boss quoted “I like my teacher. She speaks Harry Potter”; referring to me putting on a mock English accent whenever someone spoke (prohibited) Tagalog in my class.

I miss my third-graders. And I hate that they’re in high school now, possibly sullen.

I was telling Zach, that how he feels at a shoot, all sparkly and just completely in his element, that is how I feel on school grounds.

Wow, what a long drumroll to the main content of this entry. So we visited my stellar drummer, Francis, who was having a tattoo done by the legendary Nero Nievo.


That building is where we had our wedding rings made. The place smelled like almostmarriage. Awesome how smells take you places,yes?

We then went to SM which is my favorite retail destination. The only place I don’t just window-shop. I actually shop-shop. We both picked out shoes for Hansel’s wedding, had dinner and Dairy Queen,then we decided to look at guitars.

I gave an Epiphone a spin, and I fell in love. I COULD try an electric guitar and hang Mozart, my robust acoustic guitar on the rack for a bit.

You Learn New Things Everyday.

22 Jun


At a rehearsal dinner for Zach’s friend Hansel’s wedding. Zach just learned he has to be part of a dance number. They brought some wine out and these little liquor shots. Here is a German number.


We reckon any drink that starts with “Kill” cannot be kind.

You learn new things everyday. Today I learned that our token Japanese friend, Sakuma takes dancing seriously. Very. Seriously.


One piece Spherical Bear, at isa pong Banal Na Aso, please.

22 Jun

So I don’t have a picture. Sue me. Haha.  But I do have someone else’s work, albeit completely unrelated to this post.

Today was a ridiculously busy day, two huge deadlines, but the good thing is we got three jobs today.

Thus endeth work talk.


I know that at the end of the day we all have our hypocrisies but sometimes people like to create this hyper-nice alter ego, acting like the poster boy/girl of all things sugar and spice and cotton candy, but those who really know them know that that is all it really is.

And usually, that image couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It is sad when certain people have been told by people close to them, those that mean well, that something’s a bit off (and having things be “a bit off” is fine, we all have glitches), and they wear the victim’s shoes and act like the rest of the world is wrong because they’re just so nice and wonderful (virtually) and since they’re so nice, they’ll say a prayer for the poor unfortunate souls (yes, I’m channeling Ursula) who don’t know any better.

Really, even when everyone is saying the same thing?

Please. Listen.


Fathers’ Day!

20 Jun


New daddy.
I found myself really missing my dad who is in Canada for another week after listening to Pastor Dennis’ message on the power of fathers.

I am so blessed to have a dad who loves my mom to bits, who loves his daughters and new son-in-law to bits. But I am extra blessed to have two dads now.

Here we are at Buffalo Wings N Things in BF, daddy Charlie (Zach’s awesome dad) on the far left, Maria my  beautiful baby sister-in-law on daddy’s friend Steven’s lap.

She was drawing on the paper towels with markers I serendipitously had in tow

A Visit To Tito Quincy

18 Jun


We spent Saturday morning at my uncle’s, here he is posing with Zach. Hobo hair boys club.

Tito Quincy is an award-winning photographer and is the former president of The Camera Club of the Philippines. He is so great at what he does, he is a four-peat Master Photographer award winner– a superprestigious award that they don’t give annually but per merit.

Zach being a cinematographer (Director of Photoraphy is the alternate title), he wanted to touch base with him (the awesome lunch didn’t hurt) and learn from the Master.

We had tuna salpicao and he claims he taught his wife (stellar cook and Food magazine columnist Pia Castillo) the recipe, and that it was HIS brain child. Haha.

Nice photography jibber jabber, great food and Columbian Espresso + Prune cake= fantastic weekend kick off.

Cubao Ex-Cursion.

17 Jun

I don’t know what it is but this blogging bit’s become staccato and it shouldn’t be so hard. Blame it on twitter, those 140 characters pack quite a punch.

Moving on. Since we got these nifty Android phones, I figured, put them to good use, yes? Yes.

And whaddayaknow, deciding to get on the project 365 has gotten me blogging already. Loverly.

Day 1 Enzo throwback

Zach, Enzo and I were at Cubao and chanced upon this supercool optical with real vintage frames.

Enzo got these. And it felt like we were zapped back to the seventies.