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iTech Pen Stylus Review

21 Sep


Tasked to review this stylus, this question popped up.  While I am a graphic artist by profession, the stylus+iPad combo for me has always been some sort of grown-up-coloring-book therapy, a way to unwind. I am always on some self-imposed quest to find the perfect stylus (sort of like the Sword in the Stone?) You can imagine my excitement about this baby. So here goes nothing.


The iTech Pen Stylus comes in a sleek black box. The pen itself comes in a variety of colors and a transparent pen clip.


Mine’s a scandalous pink, haha. The first thing I noticed about this stylus was its weight. The stylus is really light and feels a little slimmer than the usual stylus. My dad bought one from an inflight magazine that cost more than thrice the price of this one, and I wasn’t impressed. The handling was poor — this, for me, is the biggest factor to consider when picking a stylus– how it feels in your grip.  Too heavy, too light, too fat or too narrow for your liking and   you might have a dud that you’ll only use a few times.

The iTech pen stylus feels like a regular pen. More or less the same weight and diameter — a plus for sure.  If it feels familiar, then you’ll like using it, and I really did.

The drag on my iPad screen was just right. Enough to give traction and not enough to cause delays in the strokes.

I use two apps most often on with the stylus– ArtRage and Paper53. Both worked so well with my new toy (graphic above and the one from the previous post both made with the stylus.)

It gives you a lot of bang for your buck, that’s for sure. At 699 a pop, it does cost a considerable amount of money, but it outperforms some of the more expensive styluses, brand names which I will not disclose here, though. Haha.

My numbers:

Value for money: Image

Handling and tracking:Image

Packaging and appearance: Image


My iTech Pen Stylus Review (First Installment)

18 Sep

So I just got hold of a dandy new stylus for review!
And the first installment shall be this random artwork (done on ArtRage for iPad) using my new toy.
Suffice it to say, I need to do some test driving on this baby and instead of putting it all together in one all-encompassing post, I will post several of this sort and I will end it this Friday with my “real” review.

Initial impressions though: What a superawesome looking little stylus!


Being a boob about motherhood

21 Jun


37 Weeks, 3 Days.

30 Apr

Delinquent Blogger

Apparently what qualifies as good blog activity is one post a day. Har har. To say I am a delinquent blogger would be an understatement then.  My last post was to say I had a bun cooking in the oven. Today,  I have just bathed and fed a beautiful two-week old little girl.

She makes me want to write

She makes me want to write again. So I thought that the best way to kickstart this writing again would be to look back on the 37 weeks and 3 days of bun-baking.

Unfair pregnancy

I had what one might call an unfair pregnancy.  I had no morning (afternoon, evening) sickness at all. I didn’t retain water, didn’t get any stretch marks and gained only 15 pounds (thank you momma, for your genes.) Apparently, it has nothing to do with how well you behave, how healthy you eat and all that jazz. It all boils down to what your momma gave ya. 

I enjoyed my pregnancy, and managed to travel back to my second home, Indonesia.  Very quickly, I whipped out my unrusty  Bahasa (I love how language comes back when you go back to where you used it!) and enjoyed Jakarta, where I spent my formative years.  We also traveled to Yogyakarta, a quaint province of artisans and awesomeness. In my third trimester (28-29 weeks), I managed to climb up all the way to the peak of Borobudur with my favorite person in the world and great friends.


Here I was, TRXing to help make the labor come faster


And we were in the middle of moving houses in my 37th week! Here Zach catches me red handed with my toolbox, undoing some screws. Haha


And I’m glad I still managed to pull of a surprise party for my husband (his first ever!), having all his best man-friends at Army Navy for brunch.

Minus the 17-hour bit, it wasn’t all that bad.

So we were in the middle of moving houses when just like in the movies, I hollered “Zach! My water broke!”

And just like in the movies, we grabbed bags, startled friends (Rember and Conrad were at the house, both couldn’t believe it was actually happening).

After a harrowing traffic-jammed trip to the hospital, I checked into the delivery room a little after lunch on Friday the 13th.

17 hours later, at 4:47 in the morning, finally, Malaya SyCip was born. (Normal delivery! Thank you, Doc!– Margarita Agdamag is an awesome OB-GYNE!)

She is such a wonderfully un-fussy baby. I feel ridiculously lucky. We’re enjoying every minute of this awesome new phase.

I will definitely try to keep this ball rolling this time.

Things I want to eat

10 Sep

In no particular order.
1. Pancake house taco
2. Buddy’s Pancit Lucban
3. Bagoong
4. Jellyfish and Century egg
5. Bacon

And this, as of 6am today.

Oh happy day! (And subsequent pregnancy musings)

6 Sep

Oh happy day

August 31, 2011 was a very happy day (or the beginning of a very happy season). I called the lab, two hours after I got tested, and gave my name. Long pregnant pause (pun super intended), then she says “Positive, ma’am!” I asked if she was sure, and she said yes, and congratulations.

I run to my mom and sister who pretend (twiddling their thumbs together) they aren’t as eager about finding out, and scream about the good news. A furious fit of hugging and shouting and the sudden “Don’t be malikot” warning from my mother.


This comes after two years of marriage, and after having been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis at that. This is nothing short of a miracle. And we can’t hardly wait.

Two-tiered happy thing

This is a two-tiered happy thing: 1. I am having a baby (or babies, who knows, I may have multiples!) 2. I am having the child of the awesomest man I’ve ever met, the smartest, most wonderful, funniest person, my favorite person in the universe.

I’ve always been good with taking disappointment, probably because I try to not hope too much, or to say “well, even if it doesn’t happen…”

This time, though, I just felt challenged by God to believe audaciously, like I never have before. That the operative word of “Believer” is BELIEVE: To trust, to be expectant without buffering disappointment.

Thus far: While eating, I am thinking of what to eat next. I am constantly hungry, always sleepy, and incredibly excited for my first ultrasound a week from now.

Oh and on this note, please stop asking married people WHY they don’t have a baby yet, particularly when you aren’t part of their family in the least.

It’s intrusive, offensive and a lot of times just adds insult to injury.

To all our friends who waited with us with bated breath, (without pressure, without the annoying follow-up) thank you.

Sayonara, Project 365

6 Jul

So I noticed that my blog traffic was picking up, and remained pretty consistent in spite of my not writing new posts, and I thought that Project 365 (one post/photo a day) might work to get the juices flowing). But in the absence of an eventful day, I churn out nothing but a requisite photo and possibly a sentence or two– not good either.

Quality over quantity, yes?  So I tried it out for 14 days, and I guess it just isn’t for me. I will, however, work on posting more. The Sagada post in a few days.

So there, Sayonara, Project 365.