iTech Pen Stylus Review

21 Sep


Tasked to review this stylus, this question popped up.  While I am a graphic artist by profession, the stylus+iPad combo for me has always been some sort of grown-up-coloring-book therapy, a way to unwind. I am always on some self-imposed quest to find the perfect stylus (sort of like the Sword in the Stone?) You can imagine my excitement about this baby. So here goes nothing.


The iTech Pen Stylus comes in a sleek black box. The pen itself comes in a variety of colors and a transparent pen clip.


Mine’s a scandalous pink, haha. The first thing I noticed about this stylus was its weight. The stylus is really light and feels a little slimmer than the usual stylus. My dad bought one from an inflight magazine that cost more than thrice the price of this one, and I wasn’t impressed. The handling was poor — this, for me, is the biggest factor to consider when picking a stylus– how it feels in your grip.  Too heavy, too light, too fat or too narrow for your liking and   you might have a dud that you’ll only use a few times.

The iTech pen stylus feels like a regular pen. More or less the same weight and diameter — a plus for sure.  If it feels familiar, then you’ll like using it, and I really did.

The drag on my iPad screen was just right. Enough to give traction and not enough to cause delays in the strokes.

I use two apps most often on with the stylus– ArtRage and Paper53. Both worked so well with my new toy (graphic above and the one from the previous post both made with the stylus.)

It gives you a lot of bang for your buck, that’s for sure. At 699 a pop, it does cost a considerable amount of money, but it outperforms some of the more expensive styluses, brand names which I will not disclose here, though. Haha.

My numbers:

Value for money: Image

Handling and tracking:Image

Packaging and appearance: Image


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