Oh happy day! (And subsequent pregnancy musings)

6 Sep

Oh happy day

August 31, 2011 was a very happy day (or the beginning of a very happy season). I called the lab, two hours after I got tested, and gave my name. Long pregnant pause (pun super intended), then she says “Positive, ma’am!” I asked if she was sure, and she said yes, and congratulations.

I run to my mom and sister who pretend (twiddling their thumbs together) they aren’t as eager about finding out, and scream about the good news. A furious fit of hugging and shouting and the sudden “Don’t be malikot” warning from my mother.


This comes after two years of marriage, and after having been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis at that. This is nothing short of a miracle. And we can’t hardly wait.

Two-tiered happy thing

This is a two-tiered happy thing: 1. I am having a baby (or babies, who knows, I may have multiples!) 2. I am having the child of the awesomest man I’ve ever met, the smartest, most wonderful, funniest person, my favorite person in the universe.

I’ve always been good with taking disappointment, probably because I try to not hope too much, or to say “well, even if it doesn’t happen…”

This time, though, I just felt challenged by God to believe audaciously, like I never have before. That the operative word of “Believer” is BELIEVE: To trust, to be expectant without buffering disappointment.

Thus far: While eating, I am thinking of what to eat next. I am constantly hungry, always sleepy, and incredibly excited for my first ultrasound a week from now.

Oh and on this note, please stop asking married people WHY they don’t have a baby yet, particularly when you aren’t part of their family in the least.

It’s intrusive, offensive and a lot of times just adds insult to injury.

To all our friends who waited with us with bated breath, (without pressure, without the annoying follow-up) thank you.


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