Teaching Nostalgia and the Inking of a Drummer

24 Jun

So we started the day taking photos of kids. One of our first sources of income was PVC IDs. Though we don’t promote anymore, we still do it for some clients.


Being around a school environment makes me sorely miss being a teacher. Though I was assigned to Grade 4 Art and Photography, Grades 8,9 and 10 English, I was always partial to Third grade English. Nine-ish is such a cool age. They are still cute and yet they feel adult.

I could maintain an entire blog on teaching alone, what it was like. Exhausting-Spectacular.

Everyday, before I’d start the class, Id have them tidy up the classroom, with Coltrane’s Take 5 playing on my portable speakers. One day, like a scene from one of those teacher movies, –magic. They started singing the melody (Not quite scatting but not just humming either). Wow.

I remember the day I received my students’ evaluation and my boss quoted “I like my teacher. She speaks Harry Potter”; referring to me putting on a mock English accent whenever someone spoke (prohibited) Tagalog in my class.

I miss my third-graders. And I hate that they’re in high school now, possibly sullen.

I was telling Zach, that how he feels at a shoot, all sparkly and just completely in his element, that is how I feel on school grounds.

Wow, what a long drumroll to the main content of this entry. So we visited my stellar drummer, Francis, who was having a tattoo done by the legendary Nero Nievo.


That building is where we had our wedding rings made. The place smelled like almostmarriage. Awesome how smells take you places,yes?

We then went to SM which is my favorite retail destination. The only place I don’t just window-shop. I actually shop-shop. We both picked out shoes for Hansel’s wedding, had dinner and Dairy Queen,then we decided to look at guitars.

I gave an Epiphone a spin, and I fell in love. I COULD try an electric guitar and hang Mozart, my robust acoustic guitar on the rack for a bit.


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