One piece Spherical Bear, at isa pong Banal Na Aso, please.

22 Jun

So I don’t have a picture. Sue me. Haha.  But I do have someone else’s work, albeit completely unrelated to this post.

Today was a ridiculously busy day, two huge deadlines, but the good thing is we got three jobs today.

Thus endeth work talk.


I know that at the end of the day we all have our hypocrisies but sometimes people like to create this hyper-nice alter ego, acting like the poster boy/girl of all things sugar and spice and cotton candy, but those who really know them know that that is all it really is.

And usually, that image couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It is sad when certain people have been told by people close to them, those that mean well, that something’s a bit off (and having things be “a bit off” is fine, we all have glitches), and they wear the victim’s shoes and act like the rest of the world is wrong because they’re just so nice and wonderful (virtually) and since they’re so nice, they’ll say a prayer for the poor unfortunate souls (yes, I’m channeling Ursula) who don’t know any better.

Really, even when everyone is saying the same thing?

Please. Listen.


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