Whoa, Message.

8 Apr

Had small group yesterday, and we studied Galatians 3. On the way over, I decided to use my dandy new Bible app on my (quick detour, yes?) dandy new Android phone (Thank you, subscriber retention!). I have The Message (MSG) Version on it, and the whole chapter was all about Paul frustrated at the Galatians for letting their “better doing get the better of them”.

Verse 11 struck like lightning. Whoa, MSG.

“Doing things for God is the opposite of entering into what God does for you.” -Galatians 3:11

Quite a bit to chew on there. Humbling and liberating all at once- as is mostly the theme of the Bible. We get so caught up doing, striving, reaching for a God that’s sitting right next to us, preparing great exploits in advance for us, readying breakthrough after breakthrough for us.

Reminds me of how I got freed: all that striving to get better, to shake off the demons. Self-help, self-destruction, talk therapy where all I did was talk about how I got myself in the mess I was in. AND THEN WHAT?

When you finally figure out what got you in your pit, does it get you out? I found out, we (therapist, me) figured out those factors that added up to the chaos that borrowed my name. Does that solve it? Sadly, no.

When it stopped becoming about me, and getting myself out of my mess, and started becoming about who God is and His heart and His awesome ability to save,  how big HE is and not how messed up I was: it literally, like that verse says; becomes all about just WALKING INTO THIS NEW LIFE.

When I stopped doing, I was able to walk (not climb, not hike) into what God had  in store for me all this time.


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