What’s for dinner?

29 Jan

As of writing time, I am at our good friend Rember’s production house, since Zach’s at a shoot and this is close by. Now, I’m waiting for a video I just edited to encode so that I can submit it. (Inane babbling endeth)

Aaaaanyway, this all was  a productive waste of time, as I was given some jobs to do while waiting.  But that isn’t what this post is about.

So FJ, their resident editor-slash-taumbahay/computer guy cooked dinner at around 11:00. When dinner was served, all of us came to the table. There were some man-cooking staples: tuna, corned beef and unidentified viand in a deep bowl.

R: Uy salamant FJ ha, nagabala ka pa. Papadeliver dapat ako

FJ: Kain lang!

R: (points to UVDB/unidentified viand in deep bowl) Eto ano to?

FJ: Burnt..bitter…garlic..eggs.

Somehow only I found it so hilarious, I could barely get through my meal.


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