Soooooooo, come here often?

19 Jan

Dear Person-Visiting-Our-Blog,

This is my attempt at getting this blogging-ball rolling (again). Seems to me it was easier to write when I was angry at the world. Haha! And that shouldn’t be the case, should it. No? No. Yes, the world has enough venting ranting punching bagging and it needs more random happy thoughts.

Prayer and Fasting is over!

We just finished the annual fast a week ago, and even midway through it, prayers were being answered left and right! Breakthroughs! As I write this, Zach’s away on his second shoot of THIS WEEK. Again on Thursday, then on Monday and Tuesday. We were praying for more Cinematography jobs, less of the Production-and-Cinematography stints, as they take quite a toll on us.  And voila! All these shoots are all Director of Photography stints, all he has to do is come to the set and work his magic– precisely what he loves!

In other news, God answers our prayers, big and small. Last year, we were trying out some espresso machines, us being the caffeine fiends that we are.  And we wanted one so badly, but at the range of 15,000 upwards, it was definitely not something we could afford off the bat. Having experienced God’s supernatural provision countless times, we knew all we needed to do was know that God doesn’t withhold any good thing from us. And our compelling case was: God, an espresso machine is GOOOOOOOOOD. (Eh? Eh? Purty persuasive if I do say so myself!) Haha.

We just kept praying for one, however He wanted to give it to us. Have someone give us one, allow us to afford it, we were just excited to see how it went. Right after the fast, we were spending time with my folks, and my dad wanted to check out a phone he was curious about. So we went to this appliance store, since they didn’t have a Samsung store at the mall. Guess what greeted us at the door?

This beauty:

With this price tag:

Amazing just doesn’t cut it. I find that insane seems more apt for this situation. In fact, the twitterverse agrees. Our tweet about this awesome purchase that pretty much met us at the door has probably gotten more replies than any other tweet.

Haha. This was the last piece, no defects, save for a few scratches since it was the display unit, NOTE: not a DEMO unit. Never used. Mint!

Above the high of a frothy, perfectly pressure-brewed cup of coffee,(there isn’t much that tops it, quite frankly haha) this just made me feel so loved. So known, ya know?

There is nothing better than being romanced by the Creator who KNOWS and LOVES me madly. Not even this stellar cup of coffee I’ve just enjoyed. Nothing.

Now if that’s not worth blogging about, then I’m not sure what is!


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