At long last. The post has come along.

6 May

This post will be a lot like Zach though (not a post of many words)

It was glorious, absolutely wonderful. And one month later and some, it’s amazing. I just got sick last Monday and Zach cooked adobo for me (his first shot at it. And he hit it beautifully. haha)

I love that we share a home now, that I make him coffee and that he watches me slowly overcome my fear of frying. (not misspelled. You read it right. frying.)

At Mister Kabab, yesterday, after our first Rinka Collective jam in eons, It hit me: I always said I wanted to get married in Baguio. I can’t believe I just got hitched there. And to Zach. It’s crazy!

Anyway, so there, it was raining the days prior to the wedding, and we stood in faith, not backing down on our garden wedding, not compromising with tents, with no PLAN B, we asked God for sunny skies, and man. Did we get it. (Read: Sunburn)

Here’s the link to our slideshow, enjoy! 🙂


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