Chronicles of living in close proximity to strangers

24 Apr

Episode 1:  Alas, the sitcom begins.

No, I still can’t seem to post about the wedding, still feel I’ll shortchange it, so this will have to do for now. I WILL write about it, and post more pictures than you all care to see. Haha. Just. Not. Yet.


Wala kayo magagawa, kahit saan kayo tumira, meron laging neighbor from hell.

— Kuya Karl and Ate Coots, on neighbors

Day 1: Zach and I are moving into our wonderful two-bedroom airy new home.  We keep the door open, and just as Ate Coots and Kuya Karl said, as if on cue, enter stage left: obnoxious little old lady with flaming red hair, (We henceforth christen her Bedustered) peeking into our house (attempting to be stealthy).  Shortly thereafter, while she leans inconspicuously(?) while peeping to see the innards of our house, a little boy with nothing but a diaper on him leans parallel to lola redhair and peeps as well, bottle in tow. (We henceforth christen the child “Bediapered”.)

Day 2: I open the door of our house to find Bediapered right smack at our doorstep, on a bike, biting on his bottle’s nipple to keep it from falling (since both hands are occupied with the bike).  For fear of having kids who are not our own in our house which is at this point, a veritable wreck enough without kids, I shut the door.

20 minutes later, I open the door, and Bediapered’s bike is parked on our doormat. Wonderful. I move his bike back to their front door.

Day 3: Bike parked in front of our door. Yet again.

Day 4: Zach and I watch the last full show of Slumdog Millionaire in greenbelt. After that, we appropriately head to Mister Kebab.  We head home, and as our cab pulls up to our front door, another character emerges on this sitcom we call our life.  Enter stage left: Man in nothing. but. boxers. Right across our unit. Squatting (rather vulgarly, given his attire) and smoking. We henceforth christen the man Beboxered.

Pretty anticlimax to blog about half-naked characters after such a momentous event, getting hitched.

We will get to it soon. For now, wait for more of these episodes. Yay.


3 Responses to “Chronicles of living in close proximity to strangers”

  1. Nette April 24, 2009 at 7:15 pm #

    Imagine my surprise when I got a Multiply alert from The Rinka Collective, announcing the end of a hiatus and the beginning of a new life together for the bassist and vocalist!

    Robert and I send you and Zach our best wishes and prayers. Ten years ago, my life’s greatest adventure began when I married my best friend. I look back at these ten years with gratitude and amazement, and I look forward to the unknown future with an unsuppressed tingle of excitement. I know it will be so for you, as well.

    Our loving congratulations to you both.

  2. Rinka April 27, 2009 at 3:40 pm #

    Hi Ate Nette! So nice of you to drop by our site 🙂

    Thank you so much!

  3. wenk. April 29, 2009 at 9:02 am #

    fabulous. i’m so happy for you and your new (and instant) family!

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