On bawling relentlessly

12 Feb

Dearest Zechariah,

I love that although I act like it’s all put together and that it’s easy to run a foundation and have (i’m so sorry) thankless people all around me and drama queen photographers and the lack of structure all around me, you see that I’m miserable and that I need to cry and when I tell you I don’t know what to do, you tell me “Just be sad, babe, it’s okay. Cry.” And I bawl relentlessly and get your shirt soaked while I get into the double-pumping-ugly-cry mode. (Double pump: Happens when you cry so hard, you sob twice in a row really quickly) 

I love the running commentaries we have wherever we are, and the storyboards we keep writing for our awesome about-to-become film projects.

I love that you check my mail for me, that you know what’s going on, and that I LOVE THAT, that I’m more than just okay with it. 

I love that I have never really wanted a bestfriend, and that I wanted YOU to be my bestfriend, and now I’m about to marry you. And forty five days is NOT soon enough, my darling. Not soon enough.

You fix everything.




One Response to “On bawling relentlessly”

  1. wenk. February 17, 2009 at 11:57 am #

    40+ days to go! Yeheyyyyyyyyyy! 🙂

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