Moving the nation

20 Jan

Such a huge huge goal,  and since five months ago, having been asked to lead a start-up foundation, The Outlooke Pointe Foundation, it has been a whirlwind learning journey. 

Liyab Pilipinas, reigniting passion for the nation, our battlecry has surprisingly found itself congruent with so many other young and not-so-young Filipinos all around the world.

Running this little-foundation-that-could, lean staffed and tight-budgeted has been daunting, exciting and all of the above.

Sparking partnerships with advocates like Powerbooks, Canon, Jam 88.3, Saguijo, Fruit Magic and Island Photo, We launched the contest, Shoot to move the nation, on the dignity of the Filipino worker, and waited with bated breath for how people would respond.   We worked with amazing artists electrolychee to come up with our collateral, and soon, the camera-faced hero became ubiquitous, much to our delight.


Moving Stills

Moving Stills



We visited schools, encouraged teachers and students to join, hoping to wake the sleeping spirit in people.

We chose judges par excellence, and amazingly, all of our first-choice judges said yes immediately. Thank you Quark Henares, Quincy Castillo, Kidlat Tahimik, Justice Adolf Azcuna, Steve Tirona for being almost more excited than we were about this whole thing. 

Our feedback form on the site was generating spam! Good bad news, I reckon. People asked questions, reacted violently to our age bracket, gave us a pat on the back.  Teachers, students, overseas Filipino workers, the whole gamut: telling us that this was something they believed in, something that gave them new hope. Today, 11 days to the deadline, there are now more entries than we ever thought we’d get, and counting– far greater a response than we’d anticipated.

The photographs are marvelous. Absolutely beautiful. As we code the entries and file them, prepping for the judging on February 6, I get goosebumps thinking of what a small endeavor can do, if done with enough gusto.

I was in transit along Edsa, and I saw this young 16-18 year old girl taking pictures at a construction site, and I knew– it was catching on.

Just among us at Manalo Puno Law, and the Outlooke Pointe ourselves, are beginning to look at the worker with so much more awe and reverence for what it means to stick it out here, work your butt off and stay with family, even if it means living simply.

This is my small way of saying thank you to all who have taken Liyab Pilipinas to heart, who have decided to look through the lens to find profundity, dignity in our workers, who gave this contest a chance.

I will announce the winners soon, and the details of the awarding. Until then, I remain thankful.



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