Blame it on the weather

17 Jan

The following scenarios are set in a specific order. Go figure.

17 Jan

0000 Hours
Tried swinging at sack for 2 hours. Never hit it****to miss completely.


16 Jan

1500 Hours
I’d like. Used (1) starbucks coupon=one tall hazelnut latte with an extra shot of espresso.

1100 Hours
Rinka (my favorite person in the universe) gives me (2) starbucks coupons. She tells me I can use it whenever I’d like.

800 Hours                                                                                                                                To no avail. Got up and decided to make coffee. Can always make coffee in 20mins or less*

*is always true; provided all necessary constituents are present.

and get coffee in 20mins or less. Unlike forcing yourself to go back to sleep.

***0700 Hours
woke up due to very cold weather. 5hours. Not ideal. Not good. Need one more hour of sleep, or less. Close my eyes, try to slip back into wonderland.

0200 Hours

It’s been unusually cold these past few days. This tropical country isn’t feeling so tropical. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day, can finally have coffee after 7 days without it (due to 7days of prayer and fasting). Must wake up 6 hours later. 6 hours of sleep is ideal.


17 Jan

0300 Hours
I tried a simple experiment. Since my present state is a result of my system’s incapacity to manage excessive amounts of caffeine in my bloodstream, and I’ve been trying to sleep for almost 2 hours, maybe more caffeine can get me out of this mess and dig me a hole for me to fall asleep in. Maybe I can trick my body into thinking there’s too much caffeine, and it maybe it’ll hit this imaginary reset button, and force itself into thinking that the high levels of caffeine in my system that once was, no longer is. And if it won’t, it won’t. What more can more coffee do?

***Blame it on the weather. If it weren’t for the cold, i would’ve slept more, would not have experimented with the use of caffeine to alleviate my inability to sleep and none of this would have happened.  The unnecessary stress would not exist, and neither would this piece of literature you just finished reading.


One Response to “Blame it on the weather”

  1. Rinka January 17, 2009 at 8:38 pm #

    And thaaaat is why I’m marrying you. Haha!
    I love you. You’re nuts.

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