Yes, Virginia, Ebay IS real.

24 Dec
My Fishman Neo-D Humbucking pickup whopee

My Fishman Neo-D Humbucking pickup whopee

I know Ebay is like second nature to the other half of the civilized world, but down in the third world, bureaucratic, chaos breeding Philippines, it was. so. scary. To put in the credit card number. And see a deduction in dollars. For an item I could not touch or see (in person).

But I needed a guitar pickup. Mozart (my guitar) was beginning to sound unaccaptable and we asked around for a sort of ‘plan b’ guitar pickup replacement since the original one is not for sale here. Zach texted Joey Ayala, Sol our guitarist and hippie guitar doctor Jun Castro what to do. And they all said the same name, in chorus as if orchestrated: FISHMAN. Nothing less.

Since this is not available here, I looked bravely online. Clicked around a hundred and twenty dollars from a credit card and. waited. and waited.

I just was such an apparent newbie. I messaged my seller everyday. Checked my object’s tracking. 5 working days later, as if planned to coincide with Zach being in my house, it came. Hurray! There is order in the world! Ebay is for real! Beethoven’s 5th DID NOT play, to herald the un-arrival of an item that cost me quite a bit of moolah.

Yes, Virgina, Ebay is real.

Now my guitar is back home, frets levelled, action modulated, intonation fixed, and (in chorus now, one with Joey, Sol and Jun,) FISHMAN pickup now installed.



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