On being verbose in the third world and on de-vegetarianism

21 Nov

Third-world high fallutifying |On a jeepney yesterday, I saw one of them pop-art painted signs, the way the destination on a jeepney is fancifully written. On the wooden plaque, it read: APOCALYPSE. Wondered if they knew what it meant. At least it was spelled right. 

Devegetarianism | Since Zach talked me into going back to meat, I have been remeating, successfully. No bad stomachs (yet) and the breakouts are over. It’s been lovely though, reacquainting myself with all the good stuff. Burgers. Lasagna. It started with baby steps, but now, it’s meat all the way. 

In some twisted way, it was good that I went pesco for some time, since now, everything tastes better. Has me singing praises to meat as mundane as corned beef. (Salivating.)


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