On strange compulsion and learning curves

13 Oct

Sometimes I wonder why i started this blog, having this chronic compulsion to delete whatever networking, public, out there in cyber limbo I have. 

Been asked why, and the best explanation I’ve got is that it comes close to claustrophobia. Although the sentiment comes strangely close to the feeling of being in open water. The ambiguity kills, I tell ya. 

On to better things (and yes there is a segue coming) I was making some of my jewelry for this bazaar on December.  Zach was over at our house and was watching me.  Later on he was trying to help me out and it was hilarious how he would put one together, look over at me and without the use of words (how very Zechariah) he just gave me this quizzical look, asking if it passed my standards. And they did not. Ha ha. 

But the next day, (without practice, since he threw in the towel after my snickering fits) he was turning out some pretty good stuff. And I love how my fiancee is such a quick study. Cheers to your bizarre learning curve, Zach. I love you. Haha.


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